Three meats, Potatoes, Pasta, Vegetables, Salad, Roll and Desert

                   ($23.95 & Service Charge & Tax)   $30


Two meats, Potatoes, Pasta, Vegetables, Salad, Roll and Dessert

                   ($20.95 & Service charge & Tax)    $26


One meat, Potato, Vegetable, Salad, Roll and Dessert

                   ($15.95 & Service Charge & Tax)   $20




BEEF (1):     Top Round, London broil.        Prime Rib (add$4)

PORK:          BBQ Loin, Rosemary Garlic Loin, Glazed Ham

CHICKEN:    Lemon Garlic, BBQ, Marcela, Picotta, Siclian, Southern Fried,

Oven Roasted Turkey

Fish:            Baked Cod or Haddock w/Lemon Dill Sauce, Tarragon

                   Tilapia Deep Fried or Blackened

Potato:          Garlic Mashed w/gravy, Cheesy Scalloped, Salt Potatoes

Vegetable:     Green Beans w/ almond, Calif. Blend , Corn, Glazed Carrots

Pasta:          Ziti, Lasagna, Fettuccini or Shells

Salad:          Garden Salad, Caesar Salad, Wedge

Dessert:         Assorted Cakes, assorted Cookies, Brownies


Hog Heaven Sandwich Buffet


       Slices Sirlion, Chicken Spiedies and Hot Sausage Links w/peppers and onions or                  Sub Pulled Pork, w/ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac Sal., Cookies

(For $1 more each sub Salt Pot and Green Beans for Baked Beans & Mac Sal)


Marinated Chicken Breast, Hot Sausage Links, Hamburg

Peppers & Onions, w/ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac Sal. Cookies


Hot Sausage Links, Hamburg’s and Hot Dogs

Peppers & Onions, w/ Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac Sal., Cookies



(Prices include Service Charges and Sales Tax)2018

Genegantslet Golf Club  



Steak Dinners 


NY Strip 10oz.

Baked Pot. W/ sour cream, Vegetables, Tossed Sal. Rolls & Dessert


Sirloin Steak 10oz.

Baked Pot. W/ sour cream, Vegetables, Tossed Sal. Rolls & Dessert



BBQ Rib Picnic


Kanas City Ribs, w/Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac Sal., Cookies



Chicken Buffet


Marinated Chicken or Southern Fried Pieces and Pasta Dish

Scal. Potato, Vegetable, Tossed Salad, Roll and Dessert


Chicken BBQ

Baked Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac. Salad, Roll and cookies



Spaghetti Dinner

Meat Balls and Hot Sausage, Tossed Salad, Garlic Bread and Cookies

(Lasagna or Ziti also available)

                   ($11.95 & Service Charge & Tax)   $15


Cold Sandwich Feast

Sliced Ham, Turkey and Roast Beef, assorted Cheese, Cole Slaw

Baked beans, Roll and Cookies


Lunch for Golf Outings

Before you Tee off or on the Turn


Hamburg and Hot Sausage w/ onions and peppers        $9

Pizza:  Cheese and Pepperoni          $3


(Prices include Service Charge and Sales Tax)

Genegantslet Golf Club





Cheese platter: Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack w/ assorted crackers & Pepperoni

Vegetable platter: Celery, Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Dip


Like To Add

($2.50 each)

Meatballs (Marinara sauce or Swedish)

Mozzarella Sticks/Marinara

Clam Strips

Fries Shrimp

Quesada’s (Chicken or Hot Sausage)

Deviled Eggs

Franks in a Blanket

Mini Egg Rolls/duck sauce


Cheese Burger Sliders $3 extra

Bacon Wrapped Scallops $3 extra

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp $3 extra

Cold Shrimp Platter $4 extra


Comb Appetizer includes:

       Cheese/Crackers/Pepperoni/Veggies, Taco Bar, Boneless wings, Meatballs,                                                 Ham & Cheese Sliders          $15


Pizza and Wings

Cheese and Pepperoni pizza, wings (Med) w/ celery and Blue Cheese dressing




Red and Garlic White         Sheet           $20

Large Round          $12


Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Broccoli, Onion, Black Olives, Pepper Strips Extra Cheese

Sheet Pizza $3 each/ Round Pizza $2 each


(Prices include Sales Tax)